Our Vision
In the sectors we operate in, we always keep our customer focus at the highest level with our products and services. We follow international quality standards; to maintain our operation and preserve the reputation of BDI Contracting LLC. We are reliable partners and a preferred brand in UAE and GCC market.
We aim to carry out our gained successes at a national and international level; and to be one of the leading names in the market and help our partners to grow potentially with minimizing their costs and overheads.

Our Mission
Growing in the market as a contractor and serve the construction industry by carrying out 10 years of experience in our pocket, integrating this know-how to different levels of projects providing financial cut downs and benefits to our clients and shareholders. With the use of modern technology, expert human resources, qualified project managers, and corporate quality understanding created within the framework of knowledge, we help our partners to enhance their capabilities, giving them an opportunity to save up on their projects and considering better investment policies shaped on the basis of being a pioneer.

We act with the awareness that profitability passes through quality in the long term; as a trusted group BDI Contracting LLC contributes for the development of its partners ensuring sustainable relationships and a long-term customer engagement policy.

The main strategy of BDI Contracting LLC is to maintain and strengthen its prominent position in the construction and contracting sectors.

The Group’s development and growth strategy is structured on the basis of using the know-how and gained experience in the field of contracting and other business areas where national and international development opportunities are seen as an opportunity.